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Complex Rules & Regulations

For an electronic copy of the CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions), please email the manager at:

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The purpose of the Las Palmas Condominium project is to provide residential housing and parking space for unit owners, tenants, and guests, all in accordance with the provisions of the declaration establishing the project.

Provision has been made for a management committee to manage, operate, and maintain the business, property and affairs of the Association as agent for the unit owners. The committee has the obligation to promulgate reasonable rules, regulations and procedures needful to insure that the project is maintained and used in a manner consistent with the interest of the unit owners. Violation of any of the listed rules may be subject to a fine of $299.00 per month or per instance penalty, which will be imposed and reflected and accrued with the monthly unit owners fee billings. Failure then to pay a fine will result in a lien being filed and the claim being turned over for collection, as are the other past due claims.

The management committee hereby lists for the guidance of unit owners the items established by the committee:

Advertising and Realtor Signs
Realtor signs or other advertising are not to be placed on outside railings of condos, in the entrance, or elsewhere in the common areas.

Commercial Business
1.  No commercial business is allowed to operate out of any condo.
2.  No commercial vehicles should be parked in any of the condo areas except for brief delivery, service or pickup purposes.

Keys to Units
A duplicate of keys to condos or combinations to combination locks should be provided to the manager by Unit owners for emergency purposes. If owners arrive without a key to their unit, and it is outside of working hours that requires manager to make a special trip to the complex, a $20.00 fee will be charged payable to the manager.

Elevator usage is generally accessed by key. Keys have been furnished to each owner. Because of the high cost of maintaining the elevators, keys are to be carefully controlled so as to assure proper usage of the elevators. No smoking is allowed in elevators.

Garage Doors
Whenever garage doors become damaged or broken, owners must repair or replace them within a 30-day period in order to keep the area looking nice.

1. The Las Palmas Owners Association carries insurance covering risk of physical damage and blanket liability coverage on all buildings, (not including the interior of individual units or personal belongings of unit owners) liability coverage on directors and officers, employee dishonesty coverage, and earthquake insurance.
2.  A certificate of coverage can be secured upon request from our agent, currently:
Joseph E. Hansen Insurance
376 East Sunland Drive Suite 2
St. George, Utah 84770. 
Telephone (435) 628-5659 or (435) 628-1119.
3.  The owner of a unit shall be responsible for the full amount of the $5,000 deductible under the Association's insurance for damages to any unit, building, buildings, or common area which arises from said owner's condominium unit. It is required that each unit owner insure their condominium unit to cover such insurance deductible, as such deductible may change from time to time. Further, the owners are hereby required to obtain contents and general liability insurance for their individual condominium units. For more information, please click here.

Exterior Mantenance
1. It is the owner's responsibility to maintain outside doors, frames and jams with
paint, etc.
2. Upkeep of patios (floor coverings, railings, etc.) is the responsibility of the owner. No towels on railings.
3. In order to keep paint on doors, frames, jams and patio railings uniform, owners are to secure from our maintenance manager (telephone  435 632-5828) the proper paint code when repainting is necessary.
4. The Association will take responsibility for repainting of front railings and garage doors.   Repair of damage to garage doors, however, is the responsibility of owners.

Noise, Distractions and Vandalism
1. Noisy outdoor activities are restricted to hours from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
2. Loitering in the common areas after 10:00 p.m. is not allowed. Guests and youth particularly should be informed of this. It is problem particularly during holidays and Spring Breaks.
3. Youth and children should be instructed against acts of graffiti, soaping fountains, use of paint-ball guns, setting off fire alarms, ringing others doorbells, riding
roller blades, scooters and skateboards on second and third floor walkways, bothering vehicles, etc.

1. Each unit has one assigned garage space. All other parking is common area available to all owners, their families, tenants or guests, on a first come first served basis.
2. No driveway or parking area may be used for parking of trailers, mobile homes or boats. No parking allowed for vehicles without a current valid registration or campers that have been detached from tow vehicles.
3. Parking is not permitted on the pads in front of garages that are not your own.
4. Camping is not permitted in the driveways or elsewhere in the condo area.
5. Cars leaking oil should be repaired and the owner must clean up the mess created.

Roller Blades, Skateboards, Motorized Carts & Scooters, etc.
1.         Roller blades, skateboards, scooters, etc. in the complex will only be permitted on sidewalks and driveways between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and sundown and users must exercise caution in regard to people and vehicles. Absolutely no blades or boards will be allowed in the stairways and walkway areas of any building.
2.         Off-road motorcycles and 4-wheelers, etc, or not to be ridden in the complex at any time.

Patios and Balconies
In order to keep patios and balconies inoffensive to other owners and pleasing to the overall appearance of the buildings, the follow policy is adopted:
1.         Each unit owner shall be responsible to keep the patio or balcony appurtenant to the owner's unit in a neat, orderly, clean and sanitary condition. The following activities are expressly prohibited on balconies and patios: storing personal property, washing and machine drying of clothes, hanging any object from the railing and engaging in activities which create a disturbance to other unit owners.
2.         Patio furniture and barbeques which are clean and in a good state of repair, well kept plants of reasonable size and pleasing appearance, small wind chimes, thermometers, fire extinguishers, and conservative decorative items attractively displayed may be kept on patios and balconies subject to the discretion of the Committee.
3.         Should the owner desire to use said space for storage, that owner may enclose the area with the appropriate glass enclosure, subject to the prior written approval of the Committee.
4.         An offending party will be notified in writing and given 10 days to comply, after which a penalty will be imposed.

1.         Owners only are allowed one small dog or cat in their unit. (Must be smaller than approximately 20 pounds and have proof of a valid city license).
2.         All pets must be registered with the association. An application must be approved by the committee and a $25.00 fee paid by the owner.
3.         Pets must reside in condo and be kept on a secured leash when outside.
4.         Owner will be responsible for clean-up and damages caused by their pet.   
5.         An offending owner will be notified in writing and given 24 hours to comply, after which a penalty will be imposed. Only one warning will be given to each unit. Any other violation will be automatically fined.
6 .         No pets are allowed for renters or guests of owners under any circumstances.

Rubbish, Debris and Unsightly Materials
The common areas and facilities shall be kept free and clear of all rubbish, debris and other unsightly materials. Each owner, renter or guest is obligated to take individual responsibility to assist with this.

No Smoking
Las Palmas is a non-smoking property. No one can smoke in, or within 25 feet of, any condominium unit or the deck or balcony adjacent thereto, or any amenity of the condominiums. (i.e. swimming pool and playground areas).

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